Appillionaires. Secrets From Developers Who Struck It Rich On The App Store

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Turn your app ideas into a money-making goldmine More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple's AppStore and with the right combination of original ideas, great features, solid coding, unique designs, and savvy marketing, your apps could be a part of that staggering number

Citing a fascinating array of real-world examples, this useful book invites you to meet the rich and famous of the app development world

Serves as a must-have introduction to the fascinating, cutting-edge world of app design, where innovation reaps reward Shows you how to structure your app development process based on the Appillionaires who made their fortune Explores what works and what doesn't with regards to getting your app featured and enticing buyers Looks at successful apps such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, and many others that have taken the app world by storm If you were unaware of the potential to make money from selling your apps, then app-arently, you really need this book

This book shows you how to turn your ideas into profit-making success stories

You'll look behind the scenes of these successful visionaries to learn their secrets first hand and discover how these bedroom coders became overnight millionaires